tipping in Vienna

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is located on the Eastern side of the Danube River. Vienna has gained fame as the second largest German-speaking metropolis in the world. The city has a long and distinguished cultural heritage that includes famous painters, architecture, a thriving local film scene and a fascinating history. When enjoying the many attractions in Vienna, it is important to remember that tipping etiquette in the city is similar to other western cities. The only people who really must earn a gratuity are taxi drivers and restaurant or bar staff, and if you do not tip them, it is considered a sign that you were very dissatisfied with the food, drink or journey.

tipping in hotels in Vienna

in Vienna tip a few dollars at Hotels

Although virtually all hotels include service charges in their rates, tipping is still customary. Tips are commonly given to employees. Large tips are not necessary in Vienna hotels since 10% has already been included in the price; however, you are expected to give a tip to the porter and chambermaid. Tipping the hotel concierge is only for special services or in response to special requests.

tipping customs for restaurants in Vienna

At a restaurant Tip 5-15% in Vienna

In Vienna restaurants, tipping is normally between 5-15% of the bill, rounded up to a convenient number. For example, if the bill is 8.7 Euro, you should round up to 10, when it is 23.5, round up to 25. Tips are paid in the initial amount you hand over. You do not need to leave an additional tip; in fact it is actually considered impolite to leave money on the table. You should be sure to ask for the change if you give an amount more than your bill plus the tip, as it will be assumed that whatever you hand the server will include your tip.

tip etiquette at bars in Vienna

in Vienna Tip 5-10% at a bar

When to tip and how much is the main question with many bars customers in Vienna. Tipping is more prevalent as compared to major western countries. The amounts are in Euros and if you are visiting the city it is perfectly acceptable to ask for clarification regarding the currency. For tipping in bars, the total bill is rounded up to 5-10% before the change is given back.

should you tip tour guides in Vienna

in Vienna don't tip tour guides

In Vienna, tipping practices sometimes trip up even the most experienced traveler. Generally the tip is included in the tour price. Travellers are encouraged not to give large services tips as employees make good wages, and a service charge is usually included in the bill.

should you tip your taxi driver

Tip taxi drivers 10% in Vienna

The taxi driver still expects a tip of around 10 %. This is usually given by rounding off the figure of what you are supposed to pay. For instance, if your bill is € 12.7, you can pay € 14. If you give a € 20 you can say € 14 and the cab driver will give you change.

Using taxis in Vienna is popular and safe. You will find taxi ranks at all the railway stations and airports. The fare is based on the distance you are travelling and will also include waiting charges.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Vienna Tip 10%% at a hairdresser

Just as for any other service you receive in Vienna, the hairdresser expects a tip of 10 to 15 percent. This can also be calculated the same way as a tip to a taxi driver or bartender—by rounding your total bill up about 10%.