tipping in Spain

Spain is a top 5 holiday destination. With beautiful beaches, good weather, city life, fantastic food and cultural attractions, it's easy to understand why. But should you tip in Spain? In Spain there is no simple rule for tips (propina in Spanish), it depends on the service.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Spain

In Spain tip Good Service at high-end hotels

In Spain, at high end hotels you should tip. You can tip your concierge if he provides exceptional service, between 5 and 10 Euros. You can tip the housekeeper upfront or by leaveing the tip on the bed between 2 and 5 Euros per day. Bellhops should be tipped 1 or 2 Euros per bag.

Famous Spanish Hotels

Spain has it's fair share of famous hotels:

  • Hotel Landa Palace in Madrid
  • Hotel Arts in Barcelona
  • Hotel Real in Santander

tipping in restaurants in Spain

In Spain Tip 10% at restaurants

In Spain, it's common to tip around 10% in restaurants, for good service. This is in addition to any service charge that may appear on the bill. Tip in cash. In cafés, you can leave the small change behind. If the service was particularly good, leaving an extra euro or two is acceptable. Some restaurants may include a service charge, but it's not common practice in Spain. If the service is bad, don’t tip. Leave the tip on the table in the tray your bill came in, or give it directly to the waiter.

In bars in Spain tipping is not expected

tip etiquette at spas in Spain

At spanish spas Tip 10% if service is exceptional

You can tip 10% and up, to your therapist. Usually, an envelope will be provided for you at the reception at request.

Famous spas include: Hotel Peralada & Wine Spa in Catalonia, El Burgo de Osma Thermal Hotel in Soria and Chi Spa in Madrid

Spa Etiquette

Spa etiquette is the same as most western countries. Be polite, whisper if you must speak, turn your cellphone off, arrive early. If you are unsure about the etiquette (how much to undress), simply ask or look for signs.

should you tip your tour guide?

for tour guides don't tip unless it's a private tour

In Spain you are generally not expected to tip your tour guide. The exception to the rule is if you pay for a private tour in which case you should tip around 20 Euros. Tour guides will not be offended if you do not tip.

should you tip your taxi driver?

for taxi drivers TIP 10% but agree on a fare

In Spain, it is common to tip 10%, or to round-up the fare.