tipping in Ecuador

Generally you should tip in Ecuador. How much gratuity you should leave and what is considered good tipping etiquette depends greatly on the service. So read the tipping guide below to find out more.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Ecuador

In Ecuador Tip $1 at a hotel

It is a custom to tip at hotels in Ecuador. A hotels bellboy receives $1 per bag and housekeepers about $1 as well. Apart from chain hotels, or luxurious accommodation you could opt for a local bed and breakfast. Old town neighbourhood is a popular area offering wide-range of places to choose from. It’s located in the heart of Quito city.

tipping in restaurants in Ecuador

In Ecuador Tip 3-10% at a restaurant

In restaurants a 12% tax and a 10% service charge is already included to the bill for upper scale restaurants. For medium or cheaper end restaurant the service charge has not been included. It is not obligatory to give a tip. Therefore, check your bill first so that you can decide whether to tip or not. Majority people offer a small tip of 3-5% to upper end restaurants as for the low and medium a 5-10% is recommended. If you want to tip your server, do so directly don’t just leave the money on the table.

In Quito, some bars and pub has an entrance fee and it’s usually not more than $5, and the drinks are rather cheap. Tipping a few dollars as tip to the bartenders/waiters is much appreciated.

tip etiquette at hotels in Ecuador

In Ecuador Tip 5-10% at a Spa

Spa staffs would generally receive a tip equalling 5-10% of the package price as a tip. Tip is usually handed to the individual staff after the service is performed. A tip is much appreciated by staffs working in service industry because their wages are quiet low.

should you tip your tour guide?

Tip your tour guide Tip $2-$3 per day in Ecuador

Guides are usually paid low-wage so even small gratuities are really appreciated. For a group tour a gratuity of about $5 per person per day and about $2-$3 for the driver is appropriate. If you hire a private guide, tip about $10 per day.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Ecuador Round The fare up for your taxi ride

It is recommended to round up the fare rates to give as a reasonable tip. Moreover, if they do assist with carrying your luggage or you’ve been more than satisfied than you could give a $0.5-$1 as gratuity.

should you tip your hairdresser

Tip your hair stylist $1 - $2 in Ecuador

Tipping is customary in Ecuador. About $0.5 or $1 is a decent tip in a hair salon. You can always give more if you have used many of the services in one visit.

An average price of a cut and wash would cost about $5 - $10 for men and $7 - $15 for women, in a mid-range hair salon. A more sophisticated place would cost more. Always ask the price before using the service.