tipping in Jordan

Tipping in Jordan is a part of the culture and in most cases leaving a tip is good etiquette, unless of course the service was terrible. Many industries, such as restaurants, pay lower wages to the employees with the expectation that they will receive tips. Therefore, it's important that you give generously when you get amazing service. A tip of 10% is standard in almost all circumstances. If you find a charge has already been added to your bill (which is common), consider giving the worker a small tip anyway, since they will likely not receive that percentage.

tipping etiquette for spas in Jordan

At a Spa Tip 5-10 JD in Jordan

Tipping etiquette for spas in Jordan isn't as clear cut. In all circumstances you should leave some form of tip, but the amount is really up to you. This is another situation where you are likely to see a service charge. Either way, it's still nice to give 5-10 JD directly to the person who does your treatment.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Jordan Round Up the fare

Tipping etiquette for taxis in Jordan is a little more relaxed. They don't normally receive a percentage of the fare. However, you should round up and let them keep the change. You can also give a few dinars if you have large or heavy bags that they have helped you with. Small tokens of gratitude can go a long way!

tip etiquette at restaurants in Jordan

At a restaurant Tip 5-10% in Jordan

It's very likely most restaurants will add on a service charge of about 10% to your invoice whether or not the servers get that money. So, it's generally expected you give an addition 5-10% if the service was good. The wages are typically low, and they will really appreciate the gesture.

You can also feel free to tip your bartender. A small percentage, or even a JD per drink will go a long way.

tips at hotels in Jordan

At a Hotel Tip 1-20 JD in Jordan

Hotel workers in Jordan are well versed in the etiquette of tipping. In almost all cases they will expect something for any service they provide. For example, a porter should be tipped 1-2 dinars per bag. Maids should be tipped at least 2 JD per night, and it's polite to tip room service 2-5 JD as well. The concierge should be tipped 5-20 JD depending on the task or flavour you request.

There will likely be a 10% fee included in your bill, however this is usually reserved for behind the scene staff and not those you encounter daily.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Jordan Tip 0-20% to your hair stylist

In Jordan, there isn't a set custom for tipping your hair dresser or stylist. Some people like to round up, others add 10-20%, and some don't tip at all. This is another case where you should decide based on the experience you received, and how well the job was done. If you love your new hair do, then they will certainly appreciate a tip. It's a great way to let them know they did an amazing job, and that you're pleased with the service.