tipping in Colombia

Colombia is the second most populated South American country. Unfortunately, Colombia has also suffered from a horrible reputation as a dangerous and violent country.  However, safety throughout the country has greatly improved, meaning there are more tourist traveling to Colombia every year. This means more people are interested in tipping practices in Colmbia. So what is good tipping etiquette in Colombia? Should you leave a gratuity or not? Read the tipping guide below to find out.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Colombia

At a hotel Tip $1 or $2 per day in Colombia

In Colombia an appropriate tip to a porter/bell boy would be about $1 per bag (about 1,762.53 COP).  It's also good tipping etiquete to leave a small gratuity for housekeeping; About $1-2 per day.

tipping in restaurants in Colombia

At a resteraunt Don't Tip in Colombia

On most restaurant bills in Colombia, there is a 10% voluntary (propina voluntaria).  While you are not required to pay it, nearly everybody does. The staff members typically share the tip money.  If you had exceptional service, you can decide to leave an extra tip in cash.  This amount will go directly to the waiter.  The amount is not large, usually about $2-5000 Colombian pesos (COP), but always appreciated. A more fancy or luxury restaurant may already include a 15% service charge.  Therefore, always be sure to double check your bill before you pay.  Bartenders in Colombia only expect a tip of $0.5 - $2 USD per drink.  Tipping is not customary in Colombia, however, you can always tip for good service and it is always appreciated.

tip etiquette at spas in Colombia

At a Spa Don't Tip in Colombia

In Colombia, a service charge of 10% will most likely already be included in the total bill.  However, if you received exceptional service, you may want to tip a little extra.  Of course, this is always greatly appreciated.  Tipping spa staff is not required at all-inclusive resorts, however small tips are greatly appreciated for exceptional service.  You can base the amount you wish to tip on how satisfied you are with the service you received.

should you tip your tour guide?

Tip your tour guide 5-10% in Colombia

In Colombia, tipping your tour guide is customary; however, the amount is up to you to decide.  The best option is to factor in the total cost of the tour, the duration of the tour and the quality of service you receive and tip between 5 and 10%.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Colombia Don't Tip your taxi driver

A tip for taxis drivers is not necessary in Colombia because they are metered and passengers are only required to pay the fare.  The only exception is at the end of the year.  In Bogota, there is a weekend around the Christmas and New Year holidays, when people do tip taxi drivers.  However, if the taxi driver was very helpful, you may wish to tip them a small amount.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Colombia Tip 10% to your hair stylist

In Colombia, it is common to tip hairdressers 10%, however if you are very happy and satisfied with the service, you can always tip a little extra.