tipping in Qatar

Rich in heritage and widely known for its art and museums Qatar is a beautiful and a safe country. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world and its capital city Doha, is a diverse city with people visiting from different parts of the world all year round.

How about tipping in Qatar? Moreover, people working in the service industry in Qatar generally earn a pittance; a tip for them is a sign of generosity.

tipping etiquette for restaurants in Qatar

in Qatar Tip 10-15% at resteraunts

Most Resteraunts in Qatar include a service charge with the bill. However, the people providing the service usually don’t receive it. Therefore, it’s appreciated to tip about 10-15% in restaurants. If dining in hotels, it is not necessary to tip, but it’s a nice gesture.

Food in Qatar

Qatari’s traditional food contains a large proportion of seafood. Popular dishes are Hummus, Taboulleh, Motabel, Ghuzi, etc. Alcohol is usually not available at restaurants, however, if you want alcohol you will have to visit restaurants or bars in hotels.

tipping in hotels in Qatar

In Hotels Tip $2-$3 in Qatar

Tipping in a hotel in Qatar follows almost the same rule as the rest of the world. A tip of about 10-20 Riyals ($2-$3) for doormen and leave an equivalent of $2 per day for housekeepers too.

should you tip your tour guide?

In Qatar Tip $5 to Tour Guides

Usually tour guides in Qatar are tipped about $5 per day (about 18 -20 Riyals). You could also tip the driver a few dollars if you are happy with their service. Be sure to communicate and discuss all relevant information with your tour guide before actually meeting them.

should you tip your taxi driver?

For Taxis Tip 5-10 Riyals in Qatar

In Qatar, tipping a taxi driver is recommended; a minimum of 5-10 Riyals tip is highly appreciated. There are 2 kinds of taxi service that is the normal taxi and the airport taxi. Limousine services are also available for a higher rate.

tipping practices for spas in Qatar

At Spas Tip 10-20 Riyals in Qatar

In Qatar, it is good ettiquete to tip spa staff, but it is not expected. A tip of 10-20 Riyals is recommended.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Qatar Tip 10-15 Riyals At a Salon

Tipping in hair salons could range from 10-15 Riyals for services worth 100 Riyals. If you have more than one staff working on you then a tip of 10 Riyals for each is fine. You can always tip them more if the service is outstanding.