tipping in Monaco

Monaco being the world’s second smallest country, it still manages to amaze you with all its beauty. Monte Carlo is where the ‘Formula One Monaco Grand Prix’ takes place each year, an event worth watching. Monaco also hosts other interesting events. Monaco is truly beguiling, the cities charm, attitude and elegance makes it a must visit. But given Monaco's obvious wealth, should you tip?

tipping etiquette for hotels in Monaco

In Monaco Tip 1-2 Euros at a hotel

Tipping is a custom at hotels in Monaco and it will be expected for good service. Porters and valets should be tipped about 1-2 euros per bag. Also the housekeepers are usually tipped about 1 euro per day.

tipping in spas in Monaco

At a Spa Tip 10-15% in Monaco

The customary amount to tip in spas is about 10-15% of the amount of the service provided. Spa staffs in Monaco are well trained and professionals. Therefore, a tip is always a positive feedback. If you do tip, you can give directly to the staff after the service provided.

tip etiquette at restaurants in Monaco

In Monaco Tip 15% at a restaurant with no service charge

In Monaco, restaurant bills usually already includes a 15% service charge and as such no additional tip is expected. However you should always check your bill, for the service charge whether it’s included or not, if not then a 15% tip is customary. It is normal to tip 15% at bars as well. You can tip the waiter directly or you could leave it on the table.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Monaco Don't Tip your taxi Driver

Taxi drivers are usually not tipped in Monaco, but if you were satisfied with the service a little tip is always appreciated.

should you tip your tour guide?

In Monaco Tip 10-15% to your tour guide

If you take a tour in Monaco, you should tip your tour guide. Even though it’s optional it’s a nice gesture. 10-15% of the package rate is a good tipping amount.

Gratuities in hotels in Monaco

In Monaco Don't Tip your hairstylist

It is not customary to tip at salons in Monaco, but a tip is always appreciated. A 5 euros bank note is a common tip.