tipping in Croatia

As with many European countries, when visiting Croatia, it can be hard to know when and when not to tip. Amongst Croatian locals there is not a big tipping etiquette and gratuities are not widely expected; however, of course that doesn’t mean they are not appreciated. If the service you receive is outstanding and friendly then of course you can leave a few Kunas. However it’s nice to know that the fact that people don’t really expect a tip means that you don’t have to worry about an appropriate amount as anything will be valued.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Croatia

in Croatia Tip 10-25 Kunas at a Hotel

Tips are not required but if you are staying in a classy enough establishment to have a porter or daily maid service then you may want to give them a small token of your appreciation. 15 to 20 Kuna for taking a few bags up to your room or for the maid each day is sufficient to ensure happy staff and a thoroughly clean room. In cheaper hotels tips are less expected as there is usually not the same standard of service.

tipping in restaurants in Croatia

when dining out Tip 10% in Croatia

Tipping etiquette in Croatian restaurants is pretty standard. It is expected that you leave a 10% gratuity, even if there is a fee included on your bill. If you found the service particularly wonderful it's good tipping etiquette to tip 15%.

If you go to a cafe you can simply round up, although it isn’t required. If your order is 18 kunas, paying 20 and leaving the change is a nice gesture. At small local restaurants you can round up too if you don’t wish to give 10%.

tip etiquette at Bars in Croatia

At a Bar don't tip in Croatia

In a cheap local bar none of the locals will tip, so don’t feel like you need to either. An exception would be if you stayed all night, were a big group, or received particularly attentive service. At more touristy hotspots, like hotel wine bars and rooftop cocktail bars where table service is common, it is nice to add up to ten per cent to your bill. Anywhere without table service you can add a few Kuna to round up your bill and this will be more than sufficient and very much appreciated.

tips at spas in Croatia

At a Spa Tip 10-20% in Croatia

It’s generally expected that you tip 10-20% in spas. You can tip your masseur directly or you can give the tip to reception. But don't worry if you decided not to tip, no-one will be offended.

should you tip your tour guide?

Tip your tour-guide Tip 10-15 Kunas on a tour

10-15 kunas per person is a nice tip that will be appreciated by the guide. If you have an exceptional experience then definitely feel free to give more. There isn’t really a standard amount; it all depends on your guide and how much you enjoy their services.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Croatia round up the fare when taking a taxi

Taxis in Croatia do not expect tips and usually operate on a meter. Therefore, if locals choose to tip at all they may round a couple of Kuna up to make a convenient amount. You can do the same as a visitor but if you take a longer trip and it was a pleasant one, you may want to add a little more and make the tip around ten per cent.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Croatia Tip 10% for a haircut

If you see a hairdresser while in Croatia, you should give them a tip. Although it doesn’t have to be a lot, you should give around 10%. Some people like to give 10-20 kunas, and many locals will simply round up. As always the amount is up to you, but they will appreciate whatever you give and consider it a token for a job well done.