tipping in Ireland

Generally it's good etiquette to tip in Ireland. Even so you should never feel obligated, especially if you receive bad service. How large a gratuity you should leave depends on the service and how happy you were with it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know, so read on.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Ireland

In Irish Hotels Tip €1 - €2 per bag

At a hotel in Ireland you should tip the hotel porter €1 - €2 per bag if it is brought to your room. Generally you would give the porter over €5 though. For housekeeping services leave €1 - €2 per night. These are merely suggestions though and you can tip as much or little as you like.

tipping in restaurants in Ireland

In restaurants Tip 10-15% in Ireland

When you are eating at a restaurant in Ireland, you should tip 10-15% of your bill. However, when you get your bill make sure to check and see if the restaurant added a “service charge”. This will be printed near the end of your bill. If the service charge is added, there is no need to tip any additional amount unless, of course, you want to. If the service was terrible and the service charge was already added you can certainly dispute it. In general, tipping is not required in bars. In fact, if you leave a gratuity for the bartender, he may try to find you and return the “money you left on the counter”.

tip etiquette at spas in Ireland

In Irish Spas Tip 10% for excellent service

Irish Spas come in all types, from destination spas to resort spas. Typically, spas staff in Ireland are tipped 10 per cent of the bill. Of course, you can tip more if you felt that the service was exceptional. It’s really up to you. The tip certainly wouldn't be refused.

should you tip your tour guide?

In ireland Tip 10% to tour guides

In Ireland If you are taking a private tour, you should tip your tour guide around 10% of the tour cost. However, if you are taking a group tour, there will be a small basket or hat passed around at the end of the tour. If there is not, consider collecting a euro or two from each members of the group before the tour starts. Then, at the end of the tour give the collection to the tour guide, while expressing your gratitude. He or she may politely refuse at first, since this is part of the Irish custom. If this occurs, simply insist that he or she take the tip and again, express your thankfulness for the tour.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Ireland Don't Tip taxi Drivers

Tipping taxi drivers is not required. However, most people will round up to the nearest Euro. If the taxi driver was extra helpful or informative, you could always leave him or her a little extra. Typically, a tip will range between €1 to €10 Euros and is always appreciated.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Ireland Tips 10% at Hairdressers

In Ireland, it is standard practice to tip hairdressers 10% of the final bill. However, like every other service, you can leave more if you like. Some people will also give a few euros to the person who washed their hair (if it wasn’t the hairdresser).