tipping in Portugal

In Portugal it's only really the tourist areas such as Lisbon and The Algarve where tipping will be common place. If you are staying in a less touristy area there won't be as much of an expectation for you to tip, in-fact over most of Portugal the locals tend to only tip for exceptional service. However it's unlikely that any tip you offer will be refused and people in the service industry may expect a tip from you if they realise you are a tourist.

Portugal's currency has been the Euro since January 2002, so if you do decide to tip make sure you have some Euros to hand.

should you tip your tour guide?

In Portugal Tip €5 per day

As it's usually tourists that take tours, the tour guides in Portugal may expect a tip. But this is because they deal with lots of tourists and not because tipping is the norm in Portugal. If you receive good service tipping your tour guide and the driver around 5 Euros a day each will be more than enough. If the guide has proven to be exceptionally good you can tip more, but don't feel obligated to do so.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Portugal Don't Tip your taxi driver

Taxi drivers in Portugal won't expect tips, but it may be common for them to receive tips from tourists. If your taxi is on time, takes a good route, drives well and generally provides a good service feel free to round up the fare, but don't feel obligated to offer a tip. Rounding up the fare means paying €10.00 for a taxi fare of €6.80. But remember, a taxi drive in Portugal should not be offended if you don't do this.

tip etiquette at spas in Portugal

In Portugal Don't Tip at a Spa

Portuguese people don't usually give or expect tips, so, don't feel obligated to tip if you receive good service at a Spa in Portugal. However, it is common for tourists to tip, so if you receive fantastic service at tip of 10% will be more than generous. Remember, they won't be expecting your tip; Any tip you do offer will be a pleasant surprise.

tips at hotels in Portugal

At a Hotel Tip €0-€2 per bag or night

Tipping is common by tourists but it is not a tradition in Portugal, so if you receive exceptional service at a Hotel you can leave a tip, but you shouldn't feel obligated. If you decide to leave a tip €1-€2 per bag for the bellman and €1-€2 per night for the maid will be sufficient.

tipping practices for restaurants in Portugal

In Portugal Don't Tip at a restaurant

It is uncommon for restaurants in Portugal to include a service charge but if they do there is definitely no need to tip. Even if there is no service charge you won't be expected to tip, except if you are in a particularly touristy area. Keep in mind that traditionally Portuguese people don't tip, so if you do decide to tip make sure it is for exceptional service. In Portugal a 10-15% tip at a restaurant is very generous.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Portugal Don't tip% your hairdresser

If you are getting your haircut in Portugal, chances are they won't expect a tip. Remember tipping is not common place in Portugal; It's more something that people have got used to because of tourists. Therefore don't be afraid to not tip your hairdresser. However if they do an exceptionally good job then a tip of 10% will be very generous.