tipping in Argentina

Tipping in Argentina is considered “something extra” in most cases. It is never mandatory, but is up to the discretion of the giver. However wether you leave a gratuity or not will vary according to the situation, which is we've outlined tipping etiquette in this guide.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Argentina

At a Hotel Tip 1-5 pesos in Argentina

Tipping the staff at hotels is generally common. Leave the doorman or porter at least one peso per bag, but two to three would probably be better. Leave the maid a few pesos every day, especially if you want to receive a fantastic service. Some people don't tip the maid until the day they are checking out. This is fine, but you may receive better service if you leave money throughout your stay.

should you tip your tour guide?

In Argentina 10-20% or 100 pesos to your tour guide

If you go on a paid tour it's good etiquette to tip your guide around 10-20% especially if he or she was thorough and helpful. If this was not the case leave a smaller gratuity. If you go on a “free” tour, you should leave your guide around 100 pesos for a typical 3-hour tour. If the “free tour” lasted longer than this, tip a little more. If you were unhappy with your tour you should still leave a gratuity, just leave a little less and explain your concerns.

tip etiquette at spas in Argentina

In Argentina Tip 15-20% at a Spa

If you are going to a Spa make sure to tip 15-20% of your total bill. Spa services seem to be cheaper in Argentina than elsewhere, but the spa workers make more money off of their gratuities. When getting a massage be liberal with your tips (assuming that your massage was a good one!). If you are not satisfied with your services, do not feel the need to leave a gratuity and make sure you speak to the manager to voice your opinion.

tips at restaurants in Argentina

in Argentina Tip 10% when dining out

Tipping in restaurants in Argentinian is never mandatory, but certainly desired. If you receive good service and want to leave something, 10% is usually more than enough. However, if your service was awful, don’t feel as though you must leave a gratuity. On the other hand, if your service was fabulous and you want to leave more than 10%, your extra generosity will be appreciated. It is also important to note that you probably won’t see a “tip” section on your bill, so it is a good idea to bring some spare cash. To make sure your waiter or waitress receives your tip you should it directly to them and not leave it on the table.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Argentina Leave your change to the taxi driver

Tipping taxi drivers is not required, but many people leave the change for their driver in order to round up to the nearest peso. However, if the taxi driver goes out of his way to help carry bags or is especially helpful in giving directions, you should leave a more substantial tip. A few pesos are sufficient.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Argentina Don't Tip your hairdresser

It is not necessary to tip your hairdresser at an Argentina salon. Tipping hairdressers is actually pretty rare. Of course, if your hairdresser created a masterpiece with your hair and you are very pleased, it would be nice to leave him or her a little something to express your gratitude. Generally, a few pesos will do. However, do not feel under any obligation.