tipping in South Korea

South Korea’s capital city, Seoul is one of the most happening cities in Asia. Popularly known Gangnam Style, K-Pop artist has highlighted South Korea as a trendy and a chic place. Korea along with being the fashion hub also has beautiful and attractive nature. The tourism industry in South Korea has increased drastically in the past few years. Tipping in Korea is not common, but the trend seems to be shifting because the country is being exposed to more Western culture.

tipping etiquette for hotels in South Korea

At a Hotel Dont Tip in South Korea

In hotels in Korea it not a custom to tip therefore, it’s not necessary. Having said that, bellboys and housekeepers may be gratefull for tips from from tourists, but this practice is not obligatory amongst Koreans. If you do decide to tip how much you tip is entirely up to you. Tipping isn't common place at Hotels in Korea so even a small tip would be appreciated.

tipping in restaurants in South Korea

At a resteraunt Dont Tip in South Korea

A small tip is of 5-10% recommended in a western style restaurant in South Korea. But it is not reccomended to tip at a Korean resteraunt because its just not common practice. If you decide to tip at a western resteraunt in South Korea you should pay your tip directly to the waiter.

If you are visting a bar in South Korea its likely that you may recieve free refills and you won't be expected to tip. Hows that for hospitality!

tip etiquette at spas in South Korea

in South Korea Don't Tip at a Spa

Spa staffs in South Korea do not expect a tip, tipping is simply not a custom. You could offer a small tip to your massage therapist for their professional service as a token of appreciation. In most big areas like spa’s and large restaurants the staff will politely refuse, by saying that it is in the house policy not to accept gratuities. Also you might find yourself in different rooms with different spa staff, so don’t worry too much about tipping. No offence taken if you do not offer any tip.

should you tip your tour guide?

in South Korea Dont Tip a tour guide

Tour guides in South Korea wont expect a tip even though many western tourists often tip between 5 and 10% of the tour price. However, tipping is still not common amongts asian tourists. Whatever you decide don't worry no-one will be offended either way.

should you tip your taxi driver?

in South Korea Don Tip your Taxi Driver

Tipping just isn't common place in South Korea, however a taxi driver will appreciate it if you tell them to keep the change. A Taxi driver may be confused if you try to tip them, so generally its not a good idea.

should you tip your hairdresser

in South Korea Don Tip your hair stylist

Tipping is not a common custom in Korea, so you no-one will think anything of it if you decide not to tip at your hairdresser. Infact you may suprise your hair stylist f you do decide to tip