tipping in Peru

When tipping in Peru, always keep in mind that the wages are very low. However, they do see a lot of tourism and because of that have come to rely on tips to make up the difference. They tend to consider tourists as “cheap” if they aren’t properly tipped. As always though, only tip if the service was at least acceptable. Increase the amount for outstanding and friendly service. You should be rewarding great service, not just throwing away your money because you feel you have to. Chances are most of your tips in Peru will make someone’s day, and put a smile on their face.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Peru

In Peru Tip 1-10 Soles at Hotels

In Peru the tipping etiquette in hotels vary depending on how “tourist” centric hotels they are. Large chains, or luxury hotels will regularly see tips and expect them. Budget or local hotels don’t get tips as often, but will surely appreciate them. Give the porters at the hotel 3 soles per bag they carry. If you use the concierge services, 5-10 soles is appropriate.For housekeeping staff or maids, 1-3 soles per person, per night is a nice gesture.

tipping in restaurants in Peru

at a Restaurant Tip 10% in Peru

Tipping etiquette in restaurants is a bit more tricky in Peru. Local, family run restaurants will for the most part not expect a tip. That’s not to say you shouldn’t tip though. If the service was good, and you enjoyed your meal, either round up the bill, or give about 10%.

At a higher end or tourist restaurant, tips will be expected. A base of 10% should be given. For great service, you can stretch that to 15%. These waiters see a lot more tips than the locals, so give what you feel they deserve.

tip etiquette at spas in Peru

At a Spa **Tip 10-20% ** in Peru

In Peru there isn’t really a set etiquette for tipping at a spa. Obviously the more high end the spa is, the more likely tips are expected (10-20%). It’s common to give 1-5 Soles for each service, and as much as 10 for exceptional work. It's a good idea to ask at the front desk since the policies may vary in different establishments.

should you tip your tour guide?

In Peru Tip 10-35 Soles per day on tours

Possibly the most important tipping etiquette in Peru is for your tour and trail guides. If you’re heading out on the trail, chances are your team will include a guide, several porters and cooks. These people work incredibly hard carrying the camping equipment and your bags. While they usually make more than the minimum wage, they can make your experience exceptional. It’s always a good idea to tip these people as they will certainly appreciate it.

It's best to give a tip to each person directly to ensure it's properly shared. With a reasonable size group, pool the tips and try to average 20-35 soles for each worker per day. Add more if you feel the trip was excellent, but avoid excessive tips.

If you take a tour around the city or through the important historical sights, you should tip your driver (if he kept you safe) 10-15 soles per person. If your tour guide is kind and informative, 20 soles will make for a great tip. 10 soles is also fine for a half day tour.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Peru Dont Tip Your Taxi Driver

Taxis are not commonly tipped in Peru. You will negotiate the price with your driver, which will be the total. It already includes the tip and any other necessary charges. Make sure to be upfront about the total to ensure there are no misunderstandings upon arrival.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Peru Dont Tip your hairdresser

There’s no hard rule when it comes to tipping your hair dresser in Peru. Many locals don’t tip in this case, but you’ll often find the cost is much lower in Peru than you would pay in other countries. A hair cut may only cost 10 Soles. Adding a 5 sole tip to that is still inexpensive, and will make the stylist smile. Think of it as a gift, not a fee.