tipping in Australia

Tipping in Australia is not customary. Workers in tourism generally make a sufficient income and do not depend on gratuities left by tourists. However, it always depends on the situation: If you feel that the service was exceptional it's good etiquette to leave a small tip, but know that this will not be expected.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Australia

in Australia don't tip at hotels

The general Aussie attitude is that service staff are paid adequately and as such tipping is not common. Your Bellman or porter in Australia will not expect a tip, although in more expensive hotels tipping a dollar will be acceptable. Your hotel maid will not expect a tip and neither will the hotel's concierge.

tipping in restaurants in Australia

In Australia tips are not expected by waiters

Tipping in Australia is not standard etiquette so you should never feel obligated to leave a gratuity. The general belief is that staff in the hospitality industries enjoy good wages so they do not need to be compensated for good service. You may still tip your waiter if you receive exceptional service, or if you are in a very expensive restaurant, but it will not be expected.

Before leaving a gratuity you should check if there is a service charge. This should be clearly marked on the bill and if there is one, you probably shouldn't tip. Your bill is more likely to include a service charge on a public holiday or if you are part of a large group.

tip etiquette at spas in Australia

In Australia Don't Tip at Spas

Tipping is not common or expected at a Spa in Australia. Australian Spa workers make a decent amount of money and do not depend on tips. Of course, if you feel that your service was excellent and want to tip, please feel free to do so, it certainly wouldn't be refused

should you tip your tour guide?

In Australia Don't Tip Tour Guides

Tour guides in Australia do not expect tips, but always appreciate them. If you feel that your tour guide did an excellent job, feel free to tip him or her. However, never feel that you have to tip your tour guide. A few dollars tip will be appreciated by any tour guide in Australia.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Australia Don't Tip Taxi Drivers

In Australia taxi drivers will not expect a tip for their services, although it is common courtesy to let the taxi driver “keep the change”. If your bill is A$14.22 and you give the taxi driver 15 dollars, you would more than likely tell him to keep the 78 cents. There is no need to tip any more than that.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Australia Don't Tip your hairdresser

Just like most services in Australia, hairdressers do not expect tips. If you feel that your hairdresser created a masterpiece with your hair, by all means tip him or her. They won’t expect it, but they will certainly appreciate it whenever it happens.