tipping in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean vacation destinations. More than one million people visit the island each year. Most people are drawn in by the warm weather and sandy beaches. They also have a distinct culture with lots to offer.

Although US money is accepted, it’s a good idea to check the exchange rate before going. Also, don’t forget to check the rules about tipping at your resort. Typically, all-inclusive resorts do not allow tipping. Also, consider the fact that most locals won't tip in Jamaica; it's only at the touristy areas where tips are common place.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Jamaica

in Hotels Tip $1-$25 in Jamaica

Before giving a tip at a hotel in Jamaica be sure to check if tips are even allowed. Employees can be fired if caught taking gifts or money. If you feel they still deserve a tip, be very discreet about it. Also, don't feel obliged to tip. Locals don't tip in Jamaica, but it is common in touristy areas.

If you do decide to tip in Jamaica, tip bellhops $1-2 per bag. If you require the concierge’s services, tip him according to the value of your request. For example, if he gets you seats at a great restaurant $20-25 would be a great tip.

tipping in restaurants in Jamaica

in a restaurant Tip 0-20% in Jamaica

At a high class restaurant in Jamaica, or a restaurant in a touristy area, a tip of between 10 and 20% tip is a good tip. However you shouldn't feel obliged; the locals probably won't be tipping, and you definitely shouldn't tip if a service charge is included in your bill. A service charge can be 10-15% and it may not be visible so just politely ask if there is one included. Whether or not the server will actually receive that fee is another question entirely, but you can always ask.

tip etiquette at spas in Jamaica

in Jamaica Tip 10-15% at a Spa

If you go to a spa in Jamaica, it will most likely be within your resort. Check to make sure tips are even allowed and if a gratuity fee is included on your bill. The best way to find out is by simply asking. If tips are allowed at your spa, and you feel the service warrants one, 10% is a good amount

should you tip your tour guide?

in Jamaica Tip 10-20% to your tour guide

Jamaican tour guides will expect a tip. Obviously the amount is up to you, and based on how well they do their job. Ideally the guide should be very knowledgeable, informative and friendly. A good guide can make your trip into an amazing experience.

For bus tours with one guide, give 10-20% of the trip cost. If you have both a guide and a driver, give $5-10 to each of them per passenger.

should you tip your taxi driver?

in Jamaica Don't Tip Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers in Jamaica won't expect a tip, so don't feel obliged to give one. It's always polite to round up the fare though and any tip you do leave will be appreciated. If you do decide to leave a tip 5% will be more than enough.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Jamaica Don't Tip Hairdressers

Generally people in the service industry outside of touristy areas in Jamaica don't expect tips, so don't feel obliged to give one. However, if you receive really good service a 10% tip will be a really welcome surprise.