tipping in Bulgaria

Even though Bulgaria is not very famous amongst tourists, the country is surely worth a visit. Bulgaria is one of the few remaining exotic destinations of Europe, beaches on its seaside, lovely churches and sport opportunities, as well as unique architectural styles in each of its cities and towns. Tipping has become more and more popular in the past years, especially in the resorts and larger cities in Bulgaria. Because Bulgaria is not a popular tourist destination you might not know what the tipping etiquette is. That's ok, the tipping guide below will tell you when to tip and how much.

tipping etiquette for spas in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, at a Spa Tip 5%-10% for good service

As a spa guest in Bulgaria, it is good etiquette to tip spa staffs, such as massage therapist, between 5%- 10% of the treatment price. In large resorts, the service charge might be included in the bill but you may wish to tip a little extra if you received exceptional service.

should you tip your taxi driver?

in Bulgaria Tip 10% to your taxi driver

Tipping a taxi driver in Bulgaria is common and considered generous. 10% are usually a good amount, depending on your taxi bill. For example BGN1-2 tip for a short ride is reasonable. The tip can be more if the taxi driver has helped carrying bags or the driver was polite and friendly. The taxi fare rates are quiet inexpensive compared to other European countries.

should you tip your tour guide?

In Bulgaria Tip 5%-10% to your tour guide

Tips are very much welcomed in Bulgaria by people working in the tourist industry; about 5-10% is good enough. It’s a custom in Bulgaria for tour guides and drivers to be given a tip after the trip. Giving them small coins could be considered as an insult.

tips at hotels in Bulgaria

At a Hotel in Bulgaria Tip 1.50BGN for good service

In Bulgaria tipping is expected for service in hotels. Tip porters about BGN1.50 per bag and hotel housekeepers BGN1-1.50 per day. Tipping is encouraged because service staff earns a low wage. Avoid tipping coins.

tipping practices for restaurants in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria at a restaurant Tip 10% for good service

The restaurants, the usual deal is to tip the waiter about 10% of the total bill. Tipping staffs in service sectors in Bulgaria is customary. The staffs in Bulgaria usually get paid a minimum wage because they make up the rest of their salary in tips. 10% is an average tip in a restaurant. If the service and food was excellent then you should tip more.

Tipping about BGN1-2 to bartenders in local bars is also appreciated.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Bulgaria Don't Tip your hair stylist

Hairdressers in Bulgaria do not usually expect many tips, but they are appreciated when given. However, make sure you at least tip a little bit for excellent service. 10% would be a reasonable tipping amount.