tipping in Kenya

If you are planning to visit Kenya, you must be familiar with some of the customs and standards before you leave for your trip, particularly money and tipping etiquette. The Kenyan currency is the Kenyan shilling and the abbreviation is KES. The shilling is divided into 100 cents. Coins are available in 50c, 1Shs, 10Shs, 20Shs and 40 shillings. Bank notes are in 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 shillings.

Many Kenyans are paid a low wage and depend on tips to supplement their incomes. When tipping, be sure and tip in shillings, not in your own currency. This means to make sure you arrange the proper foreign exchange before or when you arrive into Kenya and try to get the smallest notes so you can tip adequately. When tipping, do not expect that you will receive change back.

tipping etiquette for spas in Kenya

In Kenya Tip 100-300 shillings at a Spa

When going to a spa in Kenya, plan on tipping your therapist 100 shillings per treatment. So, if you get a massage, a facial and a manicure then plan on tipping around 300 shillings. Remember that spa workers depend on tips, so if you are very happy with your services consider leaving as much as you like. On the other hand, if you are not happy with the services do not feel as though you must tip at all.

tipping in restaurants in Kenya

In Kenyan Resteraunts Tip 10% for good service

When eating at a restaurant in Kenya, you should leave at least a 10% tip of the total cost of the bill. Keep in mind that Kenyan workers do not make much, so they rely heavily on tips. If you would like to leave more, feel free to do so. Make sure that when you leave a tip, you physically hand the tip to the server to ensure that they receive it. If you don’t, the person who cleans the table may pocket the tip.

tip etiquette at hotels in Kenya

In Kenya Tip 200-500 shillings at a hotel

You should plan on tipping the hotel workers at your Kenya hotel. When you arrive at your hotel, tip your baggage porters around 50 to 200 shillings. Also, tip your housekeeper 200 to 500 shillings per week. These tips will be greatly appreciated and ensure great service. Also, especially with the person cleaning your room, leave a tip at the beginning of your stay to make a statement as to what they can expect from you – this really does work a treat in Kenya!

should you tip your tour guide?

In Kenya Tip 100-200 shillings to your tour guide

If you go on a tour in Kenya, expect to tip your tour guide between 100-200 shillings per day, per person. Also, if your driver is separate from your actual tour guide, be sure to tip him or her a few shillings, as well. Always tip at the end of your tour, not at the beginning. If you are very happy with your tour and your guide is exceptionally helpful, feel free to tip even more. Remember that he or she more than likely relies on tips to supplement their income.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Kenya Tip 10% to your hairdresser

If you get your hair cut, styled and/or colored in Kenya, expect to tip your hairdresser around 10% of the total cost. If you are very happy with his or her services, tip even more. It is all up to you and how you feel about the services which will determine how much you tip.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Kenya Don't Tip your taxi driver

More than likely, your taxi driver in Kenya will not expect a tip for his services. However, any tip will be greatly appreciated, even if it is rounding up to the nearest 100 shillings. If he was especially helpful, consider leaving him a small tip, around 100 shillings or so. When leaving a tip give him the exact tip without expecting change.