tipping in Bahamas

As a guide tipping etiquette in the Bahamas is similar to practices in North America and Western Europe.  Businesses in the Bahamas are accustomed to international tourists and work hard to provide outstanding service. As such it is common to leave a gratuity in touristy areas. In less touristy areas the staff probably won't expect a tip, but it depends on the service.

should you tip your taxi driver?

in The Bahamas **Tip $1-$2 for a taxi ride

Taxis in the Bahamas operate on a fixed rate by the government and this rate should be displayed in the taxi.  If there is no meter in the taxi, be sure to negotiate the price before you reach your destination. For shorter distances, it is standard practice to round up to the next dollar.  For longer distances a gratuity of one or two dollars is acceptable. However, if the taxi driver was very helpful, you may wish to tip them extra.

tipping in spas in Bahamas

In The Bahamas Tip 10% to your masseuse

In the Bahamas, it is customary to tip 10%. However, if you received exceptional service, you may wish to leave a larger gratuity. This is always greatly appreciated.

tip etiquette at hotels in Bahamas

In The Bahamas Tip $1-$2 per day at a hotel

At hotels in the Bahamas you should tip porters/bellboys $1 for each bag they carry.  Housekeeping should receive a tip of $2 for each day. It is also standard practice to leave behind any small change in the local currency at the completion of your stay.

tips at restaurants in Bahamas

At a restaurant in the Bahamas Tip 15% if there is no service charge

On most restaurant bills in the Bahamas, a 15% service charge is usually added to the final bill.  If there is a service charge you shouldn't leave a gratuity, expect if you receive exceptional service.  It's rare, but if a service charge is not included, you should leave at least a 15% gratuity.  At a more luxurious restaurant you may wish to change this to 20%.

At a bar, it is standard to give a tip between 10-15% to any staff members that bring drinks to your table or $1-$2 per round of drinks for the bartender.  This amount should be based on how satisfied you are with the service.

should you tip your tour guide?

In The Bahamas Tip 5-10% to your tour guide

In the Bahamas, you should tip your tour guide; however, it is not mandatory.  For example, if your vacation includes a diving excursion, considering tipping the people who helped you.  To determine the amount factor in the total cost of the tour, the duration of the tour and the quality of service you received and tip between 5 and 10%.

should you tip your hairdresser

In The Bahamas Tip 10% to your hairdresser

In the Bahamas, it is customary to tip 10% of the total cost for salon services.  However, if you are satisfied with the service a little extra will always be appreciated.