tipping in China

In China, tipping is not part of the culture. In fact offering a gratuity may be considered rude as it implies that the employee is not valued by their employer. There is one service where tipping may be acceptable though, so read the tipping guide for China below.

tipping etiquette for hotels in China

At hotels tip 0 unless you are in a very high end establishment

In China, as in all Chinese establishments, tipping is not required or expected in hotels.

In very high-end hotels you may leave the bellhops or concierges $10 per item of luggage. But it is not expected.

In Hong Kong the expected tip is $5-$10 for every luggage they carry. Hotels sometimes add a 15% service charge, but mainly for large groups.

tipping in restaurants in China

In restaurants don't tip it may be offensive

In China some restaurants refuse tips. However, tipping is becoming more common, but mainly in high-end restaurants where a 10-15% service charge may be added to the bill. Elsewhere it is not expected

In Hong Kong a 10% - 15% charge is commonly added to the bill. It's courtesy to leave your coin change, or round up to the next dollar if paying on your card. If you are unhappy with the service, it's fine to not leave a tip.

should you tip your taxi driver?

For taxi drivers Don't tip it may be illegal

In China, the taxi drivers do not expect a tip, nor will they ask for one. They will not accept a tip. In some areas of China, it is still illegal to accept a tip, and thus ingrained in Chinese culture to not accept one.

In Hong Kong taxi drivers will round up to the nearest amount, and usually don't give you back small change.

tips at spas in China

At Chinese bathhouses Don't tip they wont expect it

In China, as in Hong Kong you are not expected to tip at the spa. However, many large international hotels will usually add a hefty service charge.

Famous Spas

China has many famous spas which you may like to visit, including:

  • The Chi Spa in Shanghai.
  • Mandara in Beijing.
  • Plateau in HongKong.

should you tip your tour guide?

For tour guides $10 per person They rely on it

In China, as in Hong Kong tour guides are the exception to the rule. You should tip your tour guide unless you are on a private or independent tour. They generally rely on tips as a large part of their income. Tour guides will often solicit for tips. Part of their income also comes from shopping stop commissions.

The recommended tipping etiquette is $10 per person in your party

should you tip your hairdresser

For hairdressers Don't tip They wont expect it

Hair stylists in China do not expect a tip for a haircut. Nor do barbers. However, western hair salons (Tony and Guy, etc.) in China may expect a tip, as they often employ western stylists.