tipping in India

Tipping (known as Baksheesh) is pretty uncommon in India. In fact most services, except for restaurants, won't expect it. Even if you are under no obligation it's always nice to leave a small gratuity. It may even help you get better service in future! if you do decide to leave a little something make sure it's in the local currency (rupees) and not dollars dollars.  Also, be sure to tip in a subtle manner. To this end it's best to keep money for tips separate, so you do not have to search in front of everyone. Read this guide to find out more

tipping etiquette for hotels in India

in India Tip 20-50 rupees in Hotels

Tipping at hotels can be confusing at times.  It is customary to tip service providers at hotels.  It is also best to give bellboys a small gratuity of around 20-50 (about $1.00) rupees per bag.  Do not allow someone to grab your bags if you do not want to tip them.  A small tip for housekeeping is also perfectly acceptable.

tipping in restaurants in India

in India Tip 10% at restaurants

Most of the time, especially in large restaurants, a service charge or gratuity is already included in the bill.  If not, it is fine to tip 10% of the total cost of the bill. If you want to make sure they do receive the money, it is best to give it to the staff directly or leave small change on the table.

Dining out in India

Eating out in India can generally be divided into three categories: proper restaurants, holes-in-the-wall or open-air dhabas or cafes and street food, which are sold out of small stalls or carts.

tip etiquette at spas in India

In India Don't Tip at Spas

It is not necessary to tip spa staff because it's a direct service.  However leaving a small amount of spare change to your masseuse will always be appreciated.

should you tip your tour guide?

In India Tip 300 Rupees To tour guides

In India you should tip your tour guide between 100 to 300 rupees (per day) depending on how happy you were.  If it is a group tour, 30 to 50 rupees is a fair tip.

should you tip your taxi driver?

For taxis Round up the Fare in India

In India, it is unlawful for taxi or auto rickshaw driver drivers to charge more than the cost of the ride.  The best way to tip is to simply round up the amount.  For example, if the total comes to $5.60 for the ride, round up to $6.00.

should you tip your hairdresser

in India Don't Tip Your Hairdresser

In India, it is also not necessary to tip your hairdresser, however, they will appreciate a small gratuity. If you do decide to leave something make sure to be discreet about it and don't go overboard.