tipping in Iceland

Tipping etiquette in Iceland differs from many other countries, so you should familiarise yourself with what is customary. In general it's not common to tip in Iceland. Certainly not as common as in other countries. The main reason is that many bills already have the gratuity or service charge added into the total. Another reason is that most workers make decent wages. Even though tipping in Iceland may not be expected, it is still always appreciated. Read this guide to understand everything you need to know.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Iceland

in Iceland Don't Tip at a Hotel

It is not customary to tip hotel staff in Iceland, whether it is the maid or the bellman. Their services are included in your bill and nothing more is expected from you. However, if you did want to leave a small tip for your maid, she would certainly appreciate it. You could leave it in an envelope for her or simply hand it to her if you see her. The same will be true for other services around the hotel: e.g. for bar staff and waiting staff in the hotel restaurants.

tipping in restaurants in Iceland

At a restaurant Tip 10% in Iceland

In Iceland your restaurant bill will probably already include a service charge, so you don't need to tip. If there isn't a service charge, then a 10% gratuity is perfectly fine. Another option is to round up to the next even amount. For example, if your meal’s cost was 17,700 ISK, you could round up to 18,000. But this would only be for a more expensive restaurant. At cheaper restaurants this is not required. This is the same for bar staff. However, if your service was truly exceptional, feel free leave your waiter, waitress or bar tender 10%.

tip etiquette at spas in Iceland

At a Spa Don't Tip in Iceland

Spa staff in Iceland won't expect gratuities because the cost will probably already include a service charge. However if you were especially impressed with the quality of service feel free to add a little tip.

should you tip your tour guide?

In Iceland Don't Tip your tour guide

You will not be expected to tip tour guides in Iceland. A tour guide makes decent wages and does not rely on gratuities. However, if you wanted to express your appreciation to him or her for an exceptional and interesting tour, you should leave around 10%. It is definitely not customary to tip the coach driver on a tour. If you do you'll probably be greeted by a look of total, but grateful, bewilderment.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Iceland Don't Tip your hairdresser

You are not expected to tip your hairdresser in Iceland. The cost of your services will include a gratuity. Like other services in Iceland, you may feel that you would like to express your gratitude towards your hairdresser if you especially like your haircut and style. If this is the case, leave him or her a small tip!

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Iceland Don't Tip your Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers never expect tips in Iceland. The price of the ride will cover any service charge. However, if there was heavy traffic (which is pretty unlikely throughout most parts of Iceland) or the taxi driver was especially helpful you should feel free to tip them. Another option is to round up the price to the nearest even dollar.