tipping in Ukraine

Ukraine is quickly becoming a major tourist destination, and in 2011 was in the top 20 countries visited worldwide. For those unfamiliar with this country, Ukraine’s capital, and largest city, is Kiev. It borders many countries including Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. It also has a long coast line, along the Black Sea.

But should you tip in Ukraine? Well, it depends... This guide will tell you everything you need to know

tipping etiquette for hotels in Ukraine

In Ukraine Don't Tip at hotels

Many hotels in Ukraine add a service charge to the bill (sometimes up to 20%) so you should check your bill before tipping. If the Hotel has added a service charge there is no need to tip, although you may decide to tip if you received exceptional service.

Otherwise it is common to tip in an up-scale setting. Tip the bellboy/porter the equivalent of 1$/1£ per baggage. You can tip the housekeeper your change (in hryvnia). You can leave the tip on the bedside table. Tipping is accepted and appreciated but not really expected.

Luxury Hotels in Ukraine

There are a few luxury hotels in Ukraine. These include:

  • Opera Hotel Kiev in Kiev
  • Nobilis Hotel in Lviv
  • Donbass Palace in Donetsk

tipping in restaurants in Ukraine

In Ukraine Tip 10% at restaurants

Most locals in Ukraine don’t tip at restaurants, but tips may be expected from tourists. Tipping isn’t part of the culture, but is being introduced since Westerners have begun travelling to Ukraine. However if you do wish to tip, you can tip around 10% for good service. If you are at a cafe you can simply round-up the bill, but you should make sure the tip isn’t already included on the bill!

In Ukraine there is no need to tip at a bar.

tip etiquette at spas in Ukraine

In Ukraine Tip 10% at Spas

If you visit a Spa in the Ukraine and you are satisfied with the service the etiquette is to tip your therapist around 10%. You can tip the therapist directly, or tip at the reception.

A Popular Pastime

Health spas are very popular in Ukraine, with their mineral springs and mud baths. Theyalso offer specialized treatments or preventative treatments (diet, exercise, massage, etc.),each tailored to your individual needs and health issues. Morshyn Spa and Truskavets Spa(more expensive) are the most popular of this kind. You need an invitation letter to attend these – simply send them a letter/e-mail saying you would like to attend their spa, this will usually do.

should you tip your tour guide?

in Ukraine Tip $15-$20 per day for tours

In Ukraine you can tip your tour guide the equivalent of $15 - $20 per day, per person, if you receive good service.

Touring in Ukraine

Although Ukraine is emerging as a tourist destination, there are tours available. You can take a tour of the southern coast along the Black Sea, or take city tours of Kiev, Lviv or Odessa. Other popular tour guided areas include Yalta and the Crimea. You can also take in a Russian tour at the same time: many tours offer a 3 city tour of Moscow, St-Petersburg and Kiev.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Ukraine Don't tip Taxi Drivers

In the Ukraine Taxi drivers will not expect you to tip, but if you do wish to tip you can simply round up the fare. There's certainly no need to tip a percentage of the fare on top.