tipping in Canada

Canada, like the USA has a strong culture of tipping. It's usually good tipping etiquette to leave a gratuity and how much you leave will signify to the person who served you how good you thought the service was. Service should be good in Canada, so expect to tip. This tipping guide for Canada explains how much you should tip and why.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Canada

In Canada Tip 2$ to 20$ at hotels

In Canada, hotels generally expect tips. You should tip the porter a gratuity of between 1$ and 2$ per bag depending on its weight. You can tip the housekeeper between 2$ and 3$ per day but you should leave around 5$ in high end establishments. Leave the tip on the bed or the side table. You can also leave note saying ‘thank you’ with your tip. If your concierge provides excellent service, you can tip him between 10$ and 20$. Tip him at the end of your stay, in an envelope. It is also customary to tip your valet a few dollars.

tipping in restaurants in Canada

In restaurants Tip 15% - 20% in Canada

In Canada, tipping is expected, and is meant to keep encouraging good service. A gratuity of between 15% and 20% of the bill before tax, depending on the level of service. Tip 15% for normal service, 20% for exceptional service. You can tip below 15% (say 10%) if you aren’t particularly satisfied, or you thought the service was just ‘ok’. If the service is awful, talk to the manager, most of the time, they want to ensure you are getting good service. Tips aren’t usually included on the bill, unless you are in a large party of 8 or more people. You can tip the waiter directly, leave the tip on the table, or say ‘keep the change’.

Canadians will not expect you to tip for counter service. You will sometimes see tip jars. You can tip if you receive exceptional service, but it isn’t customary to do so.

At bars in Canada you are expected to tip, usually leaving between 0.50$ and 2$ per drink, depending on the cost of the drink. If you don’t tip, the barman may remind you that it is customary to do so!

In Canada you are expected to tip between 5% and 10% for food delivery services.

tip etiquette at spas in Canada

In Spas Tip 10% in Canada

Tipping at a Spa in Canada is customary if you receive good service. Tip around 10% of the cost.

Luxury Spas in Canada

There are many spas in Canada, even all the way up North. Here are a few examples:

  • Le Nordik Spa (Gatineau, Quebec).
  • 100 Fountain Spa at Pillar & Post (Niagara on the Lake, Ontario).
  • Ancient Cedars Spa at the Wickaninnish Inn (Tofino, British Columbia).
  • Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa (Victoria, British Columbia).
  • Au Naturel Spa at Brookstreet (Ottawa, Ontario).
  • Red Earth Spa (Banff, Alberta).
  • Spa at the Monastery & Suites (St-John’s, Newfoundland).

should you tip your tour guide?

In Canada tip 10-15% for tour guides

If the service is good it is customary to tip the tour guide and driver to show your appreciation.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Canada Tip 10% for Taxi drivers

Tipping your taxi driver is customary. Most tip 10%, but you can tip 15% if the service is exceptional. When you pay the taxi drive just pay about 10% extra and this will be considered good tipping etiquette.

should you tip your hairdresser

In Canada Tip around 10% at your hairdressers

Tipping your hairdresser, hair stylist or barber is customary. Most tip around 10%.