tipping in Italy

As in most of Europe tipping isn’t expected in Italy. However, if you receive exceptional service, which meets or exceeds your standards, tipping would be appropriate. People in the service industry may refuse your generosity at first, but they are just being polite. If you want to leave a gratuity, insist. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Italy

In Italy tip Good Service at hotels

Tipping at hotels in Italy is not required but it will be appreciated. You can tip the porter, usually no more than 5 Euros. You can leave the concierge 1 or 2 Euros if he provides good service. You can leave the housekeeper between 0.75 and 1.50 Euros per day. A 0.50 gratuity is nice amount for the valet and for room service.

tipping in restaurants in Italy

In Italy there's no need to tip at restaurants

You are not expected to tip restaurants in Italy. A service charge is sometimes added to the bill, ranging from 1 to 3 Euros, or 10% - 15%. This charge must be indicated on the menu. Some may also add an extra charge for the diner ware and extras (tablecloth, silverware, plates, bread, etc.), this is normal. But check your bill!

If the service charge isn't included, people usually round up the bill, as in many European countries (leaving a 20 Euro bill for an 18 Euro meal for instance). If the service is exceptional, it is okay to give a good tip, although this is never expected.

tip etiquette at spas in Italy

At Italian spas Tip 10% if service is exceptional

Tipping isn’t expected in Italian Spas, but if the service exceeds your expectations you can leave a 10% gratuity.

should you tip your tour guide?

for tour guides TIP 5 Euros but it's optional

Tipping tour guides is very much appreciated but not expected. Common practice is in the range of 5 Euros for half a day, or 10 Euros for a full day, per person.

Italian Tour Destinations

Rome is the obvious destination in Italy, but you may also wish to explore Florence and Tuscany, Lake Como or you could take the Classical Italy Tour which tours the most famous Italian historical sites.

should you tip your taxi driver?

for taxi drivers DON'T TIP but agree on a fare

In Italy you can tip your cab driver, but it isn’t expected nor is it common. Feel free to tip if they are extra helpful, they will appreciate it. It is good practice to agree a final fare before the journey begins.