tipping in Scotland

Tipping isn’t particularly expected in Scotland like in Canada or the US. This is generally because staff in the UK receive at least minimum wage, regardless of whether they receive tips or not. As such there isn't the same pressure to leave a tip for most services in Scotland.

That being said, it does depend on the service. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

tipping in hotels in Scotland

in Scotland Tip £2-£5 at Hotels

As a general rule, tips aren't usually expected in Scotland at a hotel. However, if the service is above standard, giving a small tip to workers would be considered polite. For example, usually people leave a tip for the chambermaid if their work is exceptional, but this doesn’t mean it’s a requirement. However, as with anywhere in the world, it's polite to give a small tip to the porter who carries your bags to your room.

tipping customs for restaurants in Scotland

At a restaurant Tip 10% in Scotland

Tipping is uncommon in casual restaurants where food is brought to your table and you pay for your order at the counter, but there is no harm in leaving a pound or two for the waiter. Conversely, in restaurants where the waiter/waitress brings the food to your table and the bill, it would be polite to tip around 10%. However, this of course does vary from place to place.

For instance, in fine dining restaurants, usually waiter/waitresses expect a higher tip, around 15%. While it isn’t compulsory, not leaving a tip may be considered rude unless of course you had a problem with the service. In some restaurants, a 10% service charge is added to the bill. In this case, it isn’t exactly necessary to tip the waiter/waitress.

tip etiquette at barman in Scotland

In ScotlandTip 10% for food

Bartenders serving drinks in bars and pubs in Scotland don’t expect to be tipped by customers. If you order food you might consider tipping for good service, but there isn't the same expectation as in the USA or Canada. That being said, tips are always appreciated. It's up to you really, if you feel like you've received good service, by all means tip!

should you tip your taxi driver

When taking a taxi Round up the fare

Similar to any other service in Scotland, it isn’t a requirement or necessity to leave a tip. Nevertheless, it is expected to round up to the nearest pound on taxi journeys that are metered. This makes it more convenient for both the drivers and passengers. However, if you are hiring a taxi for a ride to the airport, then to make sure to tip the driver if he helps with your luggage.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Scotland Tip 10 - 15% at a hairdresser

When you talk about going to a hairdresser in Scotland, gratuity isn’t exactly obligatory. However, the hairdresser might expect you to give him/her something for a little extra effort put in or if you are very satisfied with the service. For example, if you get a nice haircut and are extremely satisfied with your new look, then you should tip the hair dresser 10% of the bill. Conversely, if you aren’t happy with the services provide, you can always choose not to leave a tip.

should you tip tour guides in Scotland

Tip tour guides Tip £5-£10 in Scotland

Tour guides are perhaps the only industry in Scotland where individuals actually expect a tip. But the amount you are supposed to tip usually depends on the type of tour you are taking. For instance, if you are taking a small walking tour, it would be nice to leave a tip of around £5. Conversely, if you are taking a tour around the entire city of Scotland or ask your tour guide to show you or visit extra places, you may want to tip them 10% of the bill.