tipping in Paris

There is nothing more niggling than trying to figure out whom to tip, when to tip, and how much to tip, particularly when you’re in a city like Paris, where customer service is as low a priority as cleaning up after you cat. Unlike various cities in the US where tips are expected, in Paris by law a 15% service ‘Compris’ is always included in bills, meaning there is no need to leave tips wherever you eat or drink.

Regardless of what anyone says, you will always find a service charge present. However, since Paris does have many international visitors, it’s not very uncommon for people to leave something to reward for good service. But, even so it isn’t expected and is only given for conscientious and fine service. So, do you plan on visiting Paris soon? If so, then this tipping guide might just prove useful during your stay

tipping in hotels in Paris

in Paris Tip €1-€15 at a Hotels

As a general rule, it is incredibly rare for someone to expect tips in Paris, due to its 15% service charge law. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean, you do not tip the various people helping you throughout your entire stay. Saying so, make sure that the bellhop gets at least €1-€2 tip for each bag he carries all the way to your room. Additionally, don’t forget to give the doorman at least €1-€2 if they hail you a taxi.

For a standard double occupancy room, leave the maid about €1-€2 every morning for her cleaning services. Not to mention, room service waiters should get €1-€3 tip despite the service charges. It isn’t necessary to tip to concierge or hotel portiere for simple questions like asking for directions, but for more involved requests like securing a restaurant reservation a €5-€15 tip should do well.

tipping customs for restaurants in Paris

At a restaurant Tipping doesn't matter in France

Paris being the capital city of France adheres to its laws as well. Therefore, the 15% service compris added to the bills include tips for waiters/waitresses. This means the workers in restaurants already have high wages and don’t necessarily require tips and neither do they expect it. Consequently, it isn’t necessary for you to leave a tip.

However, when a server is exceedingly nice throughout the service and goes out of their way to explain the wine list or fulfil a special request, feel free to leave as much or as little tip as you want. Usually, it is best to leave at least five to ten Euros depending on the bill and their attitude and you can expect a gracious “merci” in return.

tip etiquette at bars and cafes in Paris

At a bar or cafe Don't worry about tipping

As mentioned earlier, since Paris adheres to the 15% service charge system, many of the waiters/waitresses and bartenders don’t believe in expecting tips. Therefore, you can simply visit a bar and enjoy your favourite drink with one of your buddies. Nevertheless, upon finishing your drink, you can leave some change as a token of appreciation.

For instance, if the bill is €3.80, then you can leave a €4-5 as a round figure. Bartenders usually appreciate this act. Similarly, if you are at a café and purchase a coffee for €1.20, you can leave €2 behind or an extra 10-20 centimes, if you want. Regardless of where you go, leaving behind tips is completely and entirely up to you.

should you tip your taxi driver

Gove taxi drivers a 5% gratuity in Paris

Similar to waiters/waitresses, tipping taxi drivers isn’t exactly necessary. However, it is a good tipping etiquette to either round of the nearest Euro or leave an extra €1-2€ to show your appreciation. Usually, tips are given in circumstances where the driver has been really helpful with your luggage or stuff. Consequently, feel free to leave a 5% tip of the fare.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Paris Tip 10% at a hairdresser

A gratuity isn’t compulsory when you talk about going to a hairdresser in Paris, though he/she will be expecting that you give him/her something, especially if there are no service charges included in the bill. For this reason, it is imperative that you always take a look at the bill thoroughly to ensure there no extra charges. If there are no service charges, you can always leave behind a 10% tip of the bill. This act would be greatly appreciated by the hairdresser.

should you tip tour guides in Paris

Tip tour guides 5-10% in Paris

Like any other service provider, even tour guides depend on tips to pay their bills. Generally, tips are based on the type of tour selected and size of group. Therefore, if a 15% service charge hasn’t been included in the tour bill, then make sure to leave a tip of 5%-10% also considering the size of your group, tour selected, and special accommodations.