tipping in Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and the second largest in Canada. Known for a wide diversity of restaurants, attractions and festivals, Quebec is the perfect vacation destination for everyone. When visiting Quebec, it is important to remember know the local tipping etiquette. Expected tips range from 15% to 20% of the total pre-tax bill. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

tipping in hotels in Montreal

in Montreal tip 2$ to 20$ in a hotel

It is good manners to tip in Montreal hotels. Although not tipping will not keep staff from bringing your baggage to a guest room, it is an unwritten rule that a courtesy tip is expected. If you are in and out with your vehicle several times a day, many valets will refuse your tip each time you offer, however they should receive an appropriate tip as you leave the establishment to thank them for their courteous service.

tipping customs for restaurants in Montreal

At a restaurant tip 10-20% in Montreal

Tipping in restaurants is expected and encourages good service. The tipping percentage is generally calculated based on the level of services offered, but not expected to be beyond 20%. The least acceptable amount for good service is 15%. It is acceptable to bring service to the attention of the manager, whether you are pleased or not. In Quebec, customers are not expected to tip for counter services, but it is acceptable for exceptional service.

tip etiquette at bars in Montreal

in Montreal Tip $1-$2 per drink

Generally, in bars you tip when paying the total bill, depending on the service and the price of the drink. The tip is quickly dropped into the server's tray or into their hand if it is free. In strip bars, the rules are slightly different. You should plan to tip a $1 per drink or more at a strip bar.

should you tip your taxi driver

When taking a taxi tip 10% in Montreal

In taxis, tipping should reflect your level of satisfaction. The etiquette here is that you have no obligation to tip for inferior, unpleasant and disinterested service, although it is important to remember that just like employees in restaurants, most cabs drivers depend on tips for making a living.

should you tip tour guides in Montreal

Tip tour guides 15% in Montreal

Tour guides will expect a 15% tip if the tour has been good, and drivers should also be tipped. Helicopter trips do not require additional tips because nothing extra has been done, and these professionals are well paid.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Montreal Tip 0 - 10% at a hairdresser

In Montreal tipping your hairdresser is a sign of appreciation but not obligatory. Tips can be given based on the level of service and satisfaction, but should not exceed 10% of the total bill.