tipping in Las Vegas

In the casino capital of the United States, if not the world, the money flows fast; sometimes to your advantage and sometimes not. All of the service industries will expect to see a percentage of this money in tips but knowing how much you should give is sometimes hard to discern. With high rollers dolling out fifty dollar bill tips left, right and centre it can be difficult to decide what amount is appropriate.

tipping in hotels in Las Vegas

in Las Vegas hotels Tip $2-10 depending on the service

Anyone who offers you a service in a Las Vegas hotel will expect some kind of tip. For the porter give about one or two dollars per bag and the same per day for the cleaning staff. For concierge services leave around five dollars and the same for the valet parking attendant, maybe splitting into two tips for drop off and pick up in case it’s not the same staff member. Don’t forget to leave a tip for the waiting staff in the mornings as often breakfast is included so it can be easy to forget.

tipping customs for restaurants in Las Vegas

At a restaurant Tip 15-20% in Las Vegas

Tipping in restaurants in the United States is obligatory, even if not an actual law and you will be asked what was wrong with the service if you don’t tip. In Las Vegas where money is seemingly in abundance, this is especially the case. For every meal, between fifteen and twenty per cent is now expected, more if the service was outstanding. Then there’s extra for the maître d’ who found you a great table, the sommelier who recommended an excellent bottle of wine, the cloakroom attendant and possibly even the bathroom attendant. The restaurant tipping etiquette can definitely leave your pockets feeling rather light and is known to be way over the top in the US!

should you tip your taxi driver

Tip taxi drivers 10-20% in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is over four miles long so most visitors will use taxis to travel up and down it, as well as to and from the airport. Taxi drivers are used to receiving tips and most people will add ten to twenty per cent, depending on the efficiency and quality of the service, as well as if they helped with the bags. If the latter is the case, add a dollar or two for each bag.

should you tip tour guides in Las Vegas

Tip tour guides 15-20% in Las Vegas

When taking a tour in Las Vegas the tour guides can sometimes be overbearing in their attentiveness as they will be striving to secure a hefty tip. The going rate is between fifteen and twenty per cent of the cost of the tour.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Las Vegas Tip 15 - 20% to your hairdresser

When visiting hair salons and beauty salons in Las Vegas be prepared to tip between fifteen and twenty per cent depending on the service you received. If you are given treatments by different members of staff remember to split the total tip and distribute it accordingly to all those involved.

Gratuities in bars in Las Vegas

in Las Vegas Tip $1-$2 per drink at a bar

Again the tipping etiquette in bars is that gratuities are definitely expected and waiting staff will be severely put out if you don’t leave one. The general rule of thumb is one to two dollars per drink but you can be more generous if you have a regular server who brings drinks to your table. If you’re playing at a games table and getting free drinks then you can tip a bit more too, especially if you’re winning..