tipping in Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, has become one of the hottest tourist spots for travellers all around the world over the past few years. The huge variety of things to do and see in the city, coupled with its cultural richness and multiplicity, makes it a great destination for tourists. However, while the city and its people are very open and friendly, tipping often proves to be a tricky quandary for travellers.

Many deem it rude not to leave a tip for a service provided to them, but actually in Copenhagen tipping isn’t a practice or a custom. It is only under circumstances where you have received extraordinary service that you are welcome to reward it with a good tip, but even so it is not expected by anyone. For more information, let’s take a look at this useful tipping guide for your journey to Copenhagen.

tipping in hotels in Copenhagen

in Copenhagen don't Tip at Hotels

As a general rule, it is incredibly rare for someone to expect tips in Copenhagen, particularly in hotels. This is because service is usually included in the bills of hotels, restaurants, and taxis. Not to mention, taxi drivers, bartenders, waitresses, etc earn higher wages in Copenhagen as compared to those in other countries. Therefore, the workers of Copenhagen aren’t dependant on tips in any way.

Saying so, there is no need to tip the maid, the bellboy, the concierge, and the room service, as neither is it expected or compulsory. However, if there are no service charges added to your bill, you can feel free to tip the workers in a hotel as much as you want. But, as mentioned earlier you are not required to do this, if there is a service charge on your bill.

tipping customs for restaurants in Copenhagen

in Copenhagen don't tip your waiter

Copenhagen being the capital city of Denmark adheres to its laws as well. According to Danish Law, service charges including tips for waiters/waitresses have to be added in the overall prices in restaurants. Saying so, waiters or any other type of service staff already receives high wages. Therefore, they don’t expect anyone to leave a tip.

Of course, this may be good in one way, as tips aren’t expected and you get to save money. However, this also proves to be a shame, as the waiters/waitresses don’t expect tips. So, they don’t exactly go the extra mile to provide you exceptional services. Consequently, it is completely up to you whether you want to leave a tip or not in restaurants.

tip etiquette at Bars and clubs in Copenhagen

in Copenhagen don't tip at a bar or club

If you go to a pub or bar in Copenhagen, all you have to do is enjoy your drink and the company of the friendly citizens. Don’t feel as though it’s absolutely necessary to tip the bartender, as people don’t expect tips there at all. This is because the cost of a gratuity is already included in the overall bill, hence the bartender, waiter or waitress already get their tips from the restaurant.

Nevertheless, if you are happy with the serving of a certain waiter or waitress and have developed a rapport with the bartender, you can always feel free to offer them a drink. Apart from that, you never have to feel obligated to tip in Copenhagen.

should you tip your taxi driver

Tip taxi drivers don't tip in Copenhagen

Once again, hairdressers in Copenhagen will not expect tips from anyone, as gratuity is already included in the service. Consequently, it is entirely up to you if you want to tip your hairdresser or not, particularly if they have provided you with exceptional service and taken good care of you. This means, if you are happy with the services provided, feel free to tip the hairdresser as little or as much as you like. After all, tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for truly outstanding service.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Copenhagen don't tip your taxi driver

Taxi drivers working in Copenhagen too don’t expect tips from passengers. This is because when you pay for the cost of transportation, the tip is already included. Nevertheless, it would be a good tipping etiquette to round to the nearest kroner and allow the driver to keep the change. For example, if the bill for your transportation is 62.40, then it would be appropriate (but not expected) to give them a total of 70 DKK.

should you tip tour guides in Copenhagen

in Copenhagen don't tip your tour guide

Similar to any other service industry, you are not obligated to tip your tour guides in Copenhagen, as the cost of the tour already includes the gratuity. Nevertheless, if you feel that your tour guide has provided exceptional service, has taken good care of you, and gone above and beyond to make your trip enjoyable and fun, then feel free to tip him/her as much as you want. Any amount of tip will be appreciated.

As you can see, tipping is something that people barely ever expect from you in Copenhagen. Therefore, follow this tipping guide to fittingly tip for different services, without insulting anybody.