tipping in Budapest

In Budapest gratuities are appreciated but the general tipping etiquette is not set in stone. People will appreciate it if you tip them for good service, but there won't be the expectation like there is in the USA. You should know that many venues have door and bathroom attendants. Tipping these people Ft 100 is good practice. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

tipping in hotels in Budapest

in Budapest Tip 200-500Ft at Hotels

Again tipping at hotels is not expected, but it is appreciated. So, if the bellhop helps bring your luggage to your room from the front desk, it is normal to tip him 500-forints. Similarly, housekeepers will not mind if you don’t tip them, but will appreciate it if you do. It is common for foreign travellers to tip housekeepers 200-300 forints each day of their stay at the hotel. If you decide to sign up for the hotel’s concierge services, it will be normal if you tip your concierge 500-1000 forints for the services offered.

tipping customs for restaurants in Budapest

At a restaurant Tip 10-15% in Budapest

When you talk about sit-down eateries in Budapest, the standard tip rate for a good service is 10% of the bill and 15% for an exceptional service. However, many restaurants in Budapest charge a 12.5% service charge on the total bill. So, you don’t need leave anything extra. But it is important that you never leave your tips on the table when you decide to leave. Always tip your waiter directly or drop it in a tipping jar.

tip etiquette at spas in Budapest

in Budapest Tip 100-400Ft at a Spa

Budapest is known for its hot water spring baths. They not only provide relaxation and help you release stress, but also offer a range of health benefits. The average tip for masseurs is 400 forints and 100 forints for attendants and/or helpers. There is an organised ticketing system implemented in spas and saunas in Budapest.

should you tip your taxi driver

Tip taxi drivers 10% in Budapest

The average tip rate for taxis in Budapest is 10% of the total fare. Even if your taxi driver did an exceptional job 10% is still enough. Although taxi drivers expect you to tip no matter what, never a tip a taxi driver if you are not happy.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Budapest Tip 10 - 15% at a hairdresser

Hair salons employ the services of different hair care and skin care experts. And no, you don’t have to tip them all. Tip according to the services acquired, for example, if you get a haircut and are overly satisfied with it then you should tip your hair dresser 10% to 15% of the bill. This is a general tipping rule of thumb in hair salons. If you are not content with the services provided you don’t have to give them anything.

should you tip tour guides in Budapest

Tip tour guides 300-500ft in Budapest

The amount you are supposed to tip a tour guide in Budapest depends on the type of tour you are taking. For example, if you are exploring the whole city with your tour guide, you will have to tip a bigger amount, but that is not the case if you are taking a small walking tour of Budapest. Contact a tour operator for detailed information. Additionally, you can also take advice from fellow tourists on how much they tipped their tour guides. This will make it easier for you to make a decision about tipping your tour guide. The average tip for tour guides in Budapest is 300 to 500 forints.