tipping in Barcelona

Many visitors to Barcelona get confused with the tipping etiquette in situations such as after eating tapas or a meal, while staying in a hotel, or after taking a tour. The truth is that like in many other famous European cities, the locals in Barcelona tend not to tip. Tourists are more likely to leave gratuities but that doesn’t mean that you should feel pressured to. Bad service should never be rewarded, but on the other hand, if you had exceptional attention or friendliness then you may want to show your appreciation in the way of a small tip.

tipping in hotels in Barcelona

in Barcelona tip a few euros at Hotels

If you’re staying in a traditional hotel with a bellboy who carries your bags to your room, the norm is to give a Euro for each bag. A similar amount can be left for the cleaning staff each day. However, many hotels in Barcelona are more modern in their design, as well as their way of thinking and tips are really not expected.

tipping customs for restaurants in Barcelona

At a restaurant round up the bill in Barcelona

The amount of gratuity you choose to leave at a restaurant depends largely on the type of establishment you are dining at. Classy places with a dress-code or in a hotel are the only places where tips are commonplace and diners will leave between five and ten per cent on top of the bill. At regular restaurants, tapas bars or local eateries you may notice the locals leaving some small change, maybe making the total up to the nearest half Euro. In cafés and coffee shops tips are not expected, but again, rounding up a few cents will be seen as courteous but is definitely not anticipated. The same rule applies for fast food joints and street food.

tip etiquette at bar in Barcelona

in Barcelona don't tip at a bar

Tipping in bars is not very typical and you will rarely catch a local doing such a thing. If you try and offer a gratuity to a member of staff behind the bar, you may get quite a surprised or amused response. Hotel bars or those which have table service are more appropriate places to leave tips. Here the tipping etiquette could be around five or ten per cent. In standard bars you never need to worry about tipping. Locals may possibly leave a few cents on the bar, or round up to the nearest Euro if in a group or their regular drinking hole. Offering a drink is a less degrading way of showing your appreciation and also a great way to break the ice and get chatting to some locals.

should you tip your taxi driver

In Barcelona round up your taxi fare

When taking a taxi in Barcelona, whether in town or to or from the airport, the question of whether or not to tip and how much is appropriate is always on a visitor’s mind. Locals will possibly offer ten or twenty cents, rounding up to the nearest half Euro, or possibly leave one or two Euros for a long journey. Many do not tip at all. If you feel like the fare was unfair or that the service was not very good then you should definitely not feel like you have to leave something extra.

should you tip your hairdresser

in Barcelona don't tip your hairdresser

Hair dressers in Barcelona do not expect tips and will not be put out if you don’t tip at all. Locals usually do not tip at all, the exception being that if they have a regular hair dresser then they may give a tip now and then but certainly not on every visit. As a tourist who chooses to get their hair cut in Barcelona, the style of the cut may be something worth worrying about more than the gratuity due to the popularity of edgy bold hairstyles.

should you tip tour guides in Barcelona

Tip tour guides 5-15% in Barcelona

When taking a tour in Barcelona it can be stressful to understand what the tipping etiquette is. The general rule is that tipping is quite usual but that bad or unfriendly service should definitely not warrant a gratuity. For a tour that lasts an hour or two, a Euro is sufficient, however, for longer tours five to ten per cent is more appropriate. The longer your guide stayed with you and the more personal the service, the bigger the tip will be but anywhere between the five to ten per cent range is not only sufficient but will also be greatly appreciated.