tipping in Thailand

Thailand, renowned for its beautiful beaches and shoreline, is also steeped in thousands of years of history. But what is the tipping etiquette in Thailand?

It is not customary to tip in Thailand, but a tip will always be appreciated as service staff in Thailand are often not paid very well. Even a small tip in will go a long way and may lead to more enthusiastic service next time. If you do tip make sure you tip directly to the person who served you and always in cash. If you tip using a card, or if you give your tip to the manager the person who served you may not receive the tip.

tipping etiquette for hotels in Thailand

In Thailand Tip 20-50 baht at hotels

At a hotel in Thailand it is nice to tip the bellboy or porter 20 to 50 baht depending on how many bags they carry. A tip won't always be expected but try to remember that a hotel worker in Thailand may only earn 200 baht a day. As such a tip of 20 to 50 baht will go along way and may lead to exceptional service later.

Your hotel maid won't expect a tip but nevertheless some guests will leave a small tip of 20 to 50 baht in an envelope on the pillow of the bed. Whilst this won't be expected it is a nice gesture and it will certainly be appreciated.

tipping in restaurants in Thailand

In Thailand Tip a minimum of 10% at expensive restaurants

At cheaper restaurants in Thailand it is customary to leave your small change behind. If you are eating at a small roadside place then you should round the bill up.

In high end restaurants tips are more likely to be expected because the waiters are professionals. Here you should tip at least 10% for good service but only if there is no service charge on the bill. You should hand your tip directly to to the waiter. If you are served by multiple people give the gratuity to the most senior waiter who served you. Make sure that the other staff who served you can see this and indicate clearly to the waiter who the tip should be shared bwteeen

tip etiquette at spas in Thailand

At a Spa in Thailand Tip 10% or 50 baht per 30 minutes

If your Spa treatment in Thailand is at a high-end hotel then you should tip good service at-least 10%.

If your visit an independent Spa then you should consider the tip to your therapist a little more carefully: For a short massage less than one hour long you should tip 50% or a minimum of 50 baht. If your treatment is longer then you should tip 100 baht per 30 minutes. Hence a two hour massage should receive a tip of at least 400 baht.

You should give your tip directly to your therapist and you should pay in cash to ensure that they will receive the gratuity.

should you tip your tour guide?

for tour guides 10 - $20 in Thailand

In Thailand you can tip the equivalent of between $10 and $20 per day for the tour guide (the guide should be giving a portion of your tip to the driver).

Tours in Thailand

There are many tour providers for Thailand. You can find luxury holidays, family holidays, adventure holidays, cheap holidays and all-inclusive ones too.

should you tip your taxi driver?

In Thailand Don't Tip the Taxi driver

Taxi drivers in Thailand will not expect you to tip, however most taxi drivers in Thailand will round up the fare.

Ordering a Taxi in Thailand

Taxis are metered so don’t ask how much it will cost. You shouldn't have to settle on a fixed rate.

If you take a taxi from the airport, avoid services by Touts. You can order a taxi from the taxi desk – they will probably give you a sheet of paper with your taxi driver’s name on it. Keep this in case there is a problem. There is always a surcharge for taking a taxi from the airport. There is no surcharge when going to the airport.

If you hail a cab, don’t hold your hand out with your finger pointing upwards, this is considered rude. Keep your hand horizontal, with your fingers facing downwards.